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Range Location

4471 Salvia Street, Golden CO  80402 - Map

The range is in the Tony Grampsas Sports Complex just north of the softball fields next to the parking lot.

I’ll be sending out an email about providing a tour of the range this Tuesday at 5:30 PM for anyone that is interested.
The range is in the Tony Grampsas Sports Complex. From the complex parking lot, the entry gate is a short walk north to the other side of the nearest softball field.

Mailing Address

Golden High Country Archers

PO Box 16484

Golden CO  80402

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The Board of Directors

President   Rick Driscoll   Extension 2
Vice President   Jim Murrow   Extension 3
Membership Director   Gordon Smith   Extension 4
PR Director   Morgan Whitelock   Extension 5
Range Captain   Ron Mann   Extension 7
Secretary   Raymond Brown   Extension 6
Treasurer   Antonio Herrada
  Extension 8


Range Officer   Jack Beard
Range Officer   Joe Holloway
Range Officer   Ken Hume
Range Officer   Brandon Powell
Range Officer   Don Weitzel
Range Officer   Robbie Brandstetter
Range Officer   Glynn Moore
Range Officer   Chris Crow
Range Officer   Mike Looker
Range Officer   David Larsen
Instruction Officer   Derek Burkhart
Instruction Officer   Dave Weikel
Membership Officer   James Brewton
Shoot Officer   Seth Brandstetter